New Apple leak suggests M3 MacBook Air and iPad Pro models are landing very soon

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Rumors have been swirling around the last few months surrounding potential new Apple products - and it looks like we could get new iPad and MacBook Air models as soon as the end of March.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman - known throughout the tech world for his oft-reliable leaks - recently stated in his ‘Power On’ newsletter that “Apple is aiming to release fresh iPad Airs, including a larger model, revamped iPad Pros, and M3 MacBook Airs in the spring.” Now, fresh whispers are suggesting that this may be true - and the new models could be launching very soon indeed. 

MacRumors reports that Apple has recently updated internal support documents regarding “unannounced or unreleased products” to help Apple support advisors navigate potential customer questions about unreleased products. It’s also pointed out that the documents were also restructured and ‘optimized’ according to an Apple changelog, but there seems to be no further details as to what the specific changes were. 

So, why is this important? As we said earlier, previous rumors have suggested a March (or possibly early April) release, and these internal changes all but confirm that something is coming soon. With all of the rumors circulating about new Apple laptops and tablets, it's easy to assume that ‘something’ is related to these new product rumors.  

Counting the days...

If Gurman is right, we could see a refresh of the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Air laptops fitted with the powerful M3 chip, which would follow last year’s release of the updated M3 MacBook Pro. It’s unlikely we’ll see a huge physical redesign though, given how similar the new MacBook Pro models are to their predecessors. Keep in mind that this is all just whispers and rumors at this stage, so be sure to take everything with a pinch of salt. 

As we said in our earlier report of the rumors, we expect to see more significant changes for the new iPad models: chiefly, these will be fitted with OLED displays, which would mean an instant improvement in brightness, contrast ratio, power consumption, and of course, picture quality. The rumors also speculate that we could see a bump to the M2 chip, as well as a redesigned rear camera and Wi-Fi 6E support. 

With the recent release of the Vision Pro headset and a late March or early April launch for the new laptops and tablets, Apple is set to have a pretty busy 2024, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds. 

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