Apple’s second-generation Vision Pro could be at least 18 months away from launching

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Despite being by far the most advanced mixed-reality headset available to consumers, it’s pretty clear that Apple’s Vision Pro is a “version 1.0” product with plenty of bugs and quirks. There’s hope that a second-generation edition of the device will iron out some of these issues, but if you’ve been hoping for a quick update, we’ve got some bad news.

According to the Power On newsletter from Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, the Vision Pro 2 is “probably at least 18 months away,” potentially placing its launch around August 2025. That’s quite a wait for Apple to fix some of the most-glaring problems facing its super-powered headset.

In our Apple Vision Pro review we found a lot to like about it, with its power, controls and visual experiences all being truly impressive. However, like many reviewers, we couldn’t ignore its weight, awkward detachable battery and, of course, its price. These are areas that the second edition will hopefully improve upon, whenever it arrives.

Rumors have suggested that Apple is not only working on a follow-up to its headset, but also a cheaper version that will curtail some of the device’s more expensive features – such as by using an iPhone chip and lower-resolution displays – in order to bring the price down. There’s no news on when that model might arrive, but the fact that Gurman doesn’t mention it could suggest that it will be even later than the Vision Pro 2.

What’s coming to the Vision Pro 2?

Apple Vision Pro battery pack

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Despite the disappointment that's likely to tinge news like this, we probably shouldn’t be too surprised at the delay. Given how much powerful tech is inside the Vision Pro, there’s evidently a huge amount of research and development going on in the background. It took many years for the Vision Pro to come to fruition, so any changes will themselves need enough time to be properly implemented.

As well as that, Gurman’s newsletter noted that Apple Store employees are quizzing each person who returns one of the devices in order to find out why they were dissatisfied. That feedback is then sent on to Apple HQ, presumably to help improve the product for a second-generation attempt.

What could we see in that model? Based on existing rumors, we’d expect an upgraded chip, improved visual clarity and perhaps a new design to alleviate some of the device’s weight issues. Don’t expect a price drop, though – that’s what the cheaper model is for, and something around the current $3,499 price seems likely for the next version.

We’ll have to see whether those Vision Pro 2 rumors turn out to be correct. Given Gurman’s latest report, we’re not anticipating an answer any time soon.

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