Saramonic’s new wireless mic kit is a low-cost Rode and DJI alternative with advanced features

Saramonic Blink500 B2+ complete wireless kit contents laid out on marble surface
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Saramonic has long been in the microphone business as a low-cost alternative to leading brands like Rode. Its latest offering for content creators needing a simple wireless mic kit is the new Blink500 B2+, an update of the popular Blink500 B2 that according to Saramonic has sold around 250,000 units in its lifetime.

This space has been dominated by Rode with its Wireless Go II kit, and more recently the DJI Mic. Both of these kits, like the new Blink500 B2+, offer 2.4G dual channel audio using two wireless mics to a single receiver that you can connect to a smartphone, camera, or computer – whatever your setup; like live streaming a podcast, on the move solo vlogging, or a two-person video interview setup. 

Rode and DJI's consumer-friendly kits were launched at around $300 / £300 and are now available for closer to $220 / £220, but Saramonic's new Blink500 B2+ starts life out at $129 / £135.95 and it comes equipped with some features that the Wireless Go II and DJI Mic kits lack, such as noise reduction and a low cut filter. It's an excellent prospect, especially for budding content creators on a budget. 

Saramonic's latest effort looks much like the DJI Mic kit. It comes with two wireless mics (transmitters) that can simultaneously record in mono or stereo onto your device via the included receiver, all stored in a charging case alongside lightning / USB-C connectors. You also get two 3.5mm cables for connecting the receiver to your devices. 

Other similarities to the DJI Mic (not to be confused with the recent DJI Mic 2 that is pitched more at pros with 32-bit float audio capture, a level for which Saramonic has other wireless mic products) include how the mics – that can record 24-bit audio with 16-level gain adjustment and have a range up to 150m – can be attached to your subject one of two ways: by clip or by a secure magnetic attachment. 

Then there are new features in this second-gen Saramonic Blink500 B2+ kit, including noise reduction via the control on the mic (and organically by using an included windshield over the mic) and omnidirectional audio. 

You can also make use of Safety Track which simultaneously records a second audio track at a lower gain onto your device – a safeguard against unexpected audio clipping. Battery life looks stellar, too. Each mic can run for 20 hours on a full charge and can be charged simultaneously through the charging case.

Saramonic Blink500 B2+ wireless mic kit on white background

(Image credit: Saramonic)

Two features that equip the DJI Mic / Rode Wireless Go II but are lacking in the Blink500 B2+ is a mic/line input in the mics together with built-in memory, meaning you can't attach a lavalier mic or record audio directly onto the Saramonic mics to use them as standalone recorders. No, you'll need to record audio onto your connected device. Otherwise, every bit about the Saramonic Blink500 B2+ reads well, and it comes in at an impressively low price. 

We don't have direct experience with the Blink500 B2+ yet to see how its handling and audio quality compare to the market leaders. However, we will be using the new kit soon and will share our real-life experience with what looks to be an excellent value wireless mic kit. 

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