Best new PC strategy games due for release in 2022

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We love a good strategy game, especially on PC. For some time the genre has slumbered, but recently a good number of high-quality RTS (real time strategy) games have been released, often from smaller publishers.

This year it looks like there’ll be at least 10 more, which conveniently we’ve wrapped up in this list.

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Sanctuary screenshot

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Sanctuary is an RTS by Enhearten media set in the far future in which three factions – the Earth Defense Alliance (human), the Guard (machine), the Chosen (machines with human consciousnesses) -- are fighting to become the rulers of the Sanctuary itself, a Dyson Sphere.

Sanctuary is an ambitious game. Its sheer scale is astonishing. You can control up to 1000 units, and there are maps as large as 40km x 40km. If executed well, Sanctuary will be a mind-blowing experience.

The full release is planned for January 2023 but there will be a beta in Q4 2022. A Kickstarter will begin in August.

The Settlers

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The Settlers (Ubisoft remake)

The Settlers is a legendary city-building RTS series boasting an over 30-year legacy. The Settlers coming out in March 2022, and by Ubisoft, is a revival of the classic and promises state of the art graphics.

There are three distinct factions, the Maru, Jorn and Elari. Collect resources, build up your base and economy, research upgrades and recruit units to battle and conquer the world.

There's online multiplayer with up to eight players, PVP and AI skirmishes, and a story-led campaign mode.

The Settlers is due for release in March 2022. Pre-order it on the Epic Games Store or the Ubisoft store.

The Fertile Crescent

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The Fertile Crescent

The Fertile Crescent is an RTS base-building game developed by Wield Interactive and published by The Knights of Unity.

It’s set during the Bronze Age and has you building your base and army, collecting resources, and making sure you have the food that your civilians and military units depend on. There are several victory paths to try out and multiplayer with up to three players and vs AI options.

We absolutely can’t wait to get our hands on this nostalgic-feeling game. The Fertile Crescent is out soon on Windows and Linux. Wishlist it on Steam, try out the demo, and join the Discord.

Dune: Spice Wars screenshot

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Dune: Spice Wars

Dune: Spice Wars is a single-player RTS set in Frank Herbert’s Dune universe, and developed and published by Shiro Games. Choose out of several factions like House Harkonnen or Artreides to fight and reign supreme over Arrakis, the desert planet.

Spice is a valuable resource used for things like interstellar travel. Protect your spice harvesters from sandworms and other enemies, explore the map to find villages and resources, and build up your units to take over regions and dominate your enemies.

It's not the first time Dune has been used as the basis for an RTS game, with Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty, released in 1992 by Westwood Studios, being considered to be one of the first games in the genre. Westwood Studios would then go on to make the iconic Command and Conquer RTS series.

Dune: Spice Wars is out this year. So, add it to your Wishlist on Steam.

Lords of Solgrund screenshot

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Lords of Solgrund

Lords of Solgrund is an RTS city-building game developed and published by Matěj Vrzala. Like the early Settlers games, you have to build and manage your economy, ensuring you have suitable housing for your civilians. 

Housing needs upgrades and requires additional luxuries like clothing and furniture to meet its needs. Magic and spirituality are a big part of LoS, so choose a school of magic and a character to pair up and gain unique perks.

Lords of Solgrund was due for release on February 9 but is delayed, so add it to your Wishlist and join its Discord for updates.

Diplomacy is Not an Option screenshot

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Diplomacy is Not an Option

Diplomacy Is Not an Option is a tower-defense sandbox strategy game developed and published by Door 407. Currently, in Early Access, the game has you fighting off extraordinary numbers of units, They Are Billions-style.

Gather resources: stone, wood, food, gold and iron. Trade, choose strategic storage locations and manage them correctly to ensure your armies don’t end up starving to death (really). All maps are procedurally generated. You’ll need to be wise when planning your upgrades, expansion and attack.

Diplomacy Is Not an Option was released on February 9 on Steam. Not yet convinced? Try out the free demo.

Moduwar screenshot

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Moduwar is a Sci-Fi RTS developed and published by Biohex Games. Moduwar centres on an alien race called Modu who are being used for biological warfare by the Earth Repatriation Expedition (ERE), one of two warring races who disturbed the Modu's once-peaceful home, Arkadia. 

You start off as a heart and grow more organs across tiles, split or merge your alien parts and decide whether or not to battle for the ERE or turn on them. 

There's a single-player campaign, skirmish and monster arena mode, and you can play multiplayer online PVP with 2-4 players.  

Moduwar is available to Wishlist on Steam and due for release in March.

Old World screenshot

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Old World

Old World is a 4X historical strategy game developed by Mohawk Games and published by Hooded Horse. Old World puts a new spin on the 4X genre. Instead of traditional resource generation, your population doesn’t grow on food alone, and buildings are made of stone and wood instead of industry.

You can move units several times until they’re tired or you’re out of orders. You can undo commands, and technological advancements are randomized. There is just so much to do including, building up a family and legacy. 

Old World is out Q2 and available on Steam, GOG, and Epic Games.

Company of Heroes 3 screenshot

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Company of Heroes 3

The third instalment from Relic Entertainment’s legendary RTS comes Company of Heroes 3.

Company of Heroes 3 is one of 2022’s most anticipated game releases. It not only promises mind-blowing 4K graphics, but a whole new theatre focused on North African and Italian forces.

Get ready to fight, defend and strategize your way to victory with new army mechanics and customization, breath-taking cinematics, “mountainous maps and desert plains”, and so much more.

Company of Heroes 3 will be out Q4. So, Wishlist it on Steam and follow the game on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Retro Commander screenshot

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Retro Commander

Developed and published by Noble Master LLC, Retro Commander is an RTS. Set on a post-apocalyptic Earth, build and expand your base, resources, and units.

Its mission types include survival, defense, capture the flag, elimination and escort (which the campaign comprises).

There is cross-platform multiplayer, single-player campaign, vs AI and coop with AI modes. Each faction has unique technologies, like shields and stealth, and the environment is affected by natural conditions like wind, rain, day/night.

Whether you “love the smell of napalm in the morning” or not... Retro Commander is available to Wishlist on Steam, along with a free demo.

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