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AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600 65W review

Top-flight processor power without the heat

The Energy Efficient chip runs cooler than normal versions

Our Verdict

A truly energy-efficient solution that gives away little in performance


  • A real energy saver


  • More expensive than the normal version

By carefully bin-sorting the processors that come out of its fabrication plants, AMD's finding that many run at lower voltages than originally intended. Now these Energy Efficient 65W versions are ready to slip into your sticky mitts, giving you the combined benefits of a top-flight processor and reduced heat output.

We used one example as the core of our desktop tests for this cooling equipment - partly rendering it redundant, but also confirming our suspicions that a low-voltage chip is just as capable as its warmer brothers. You've still got the benefits of the Athlon dual-core architecture - already one of the coolest on the market - and although performance is the tiniest shred behind, it's an almost imperceptible difference.

Even with a mighty cooler bolted on to the top, the operating temperature of this Energy Efficient chip was well below expectations. As the core of a silent system, you won't find a much better choice than this, and its only £15 more than the normal version. PC Plus staff