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Dingoo A320 Micro Game Station review

Is this a brave new dawn for Chinese consoles?

Dingoo Digital A320
The Dingoo Digital A320 is legal in the UK, although playing unlicensed, emulated games on it is not


  • Long battery life
  • Good format support
  • Vibrant development scene
  • Emulation out-of-the-box
  • TV-out
  • Value packed – all accessories included


  • Square-edges
  • Varying results from built-in emulators
  • Appalling 'first party' support
  • Quirky firmware

Launching in China earlier this year, the Dingoo Digital A320 is an attempt to "break the monopoly of foreign brands into the game market." Dubbed 'China's PSP', units are now slowly making their way to the West, and gamers in the UK can now pick up a Dingoo for under £70.

Destined to remain an underground console, the Dingoo A320 is building momentum thanks to its bargain price, out-of-the-box support for classic emulators and a vibrant development scene – thanks to its open source nature.

Dingoo digital a320

Enthusiast developers have already coded a wealth of applications, with attentions now focused on Dingux – Linux port, which opens up the console to further possibilities.

Dingoo digital a320

Dingoo digital a320

Dingoo digital a320

Dingoo digital a320

What's in the box?

Available in a choice of black or white, the Dingoo A320 packs in 4GB of built-in memory, with a miniSD slot for a further 4GB.

Dingoo digital a320

STORAGE: the Dingoo takes MiniSD cards - not a popular format on these shores but cards are nevertheless available

The console also plays your digital video files, a contains a digital recorder, FM radio and TV-out connection.

And if you can stop chuckling at Dingoo's pidgin English packaging, you'll find a charger, mini USB, headphones and composite TV lead inside – accessories that other games companies charge extra for.