Dingoo digital a320

We liked

  • Long battery life
  • Loads of video and audio formats supported
  • Vibrant development scene – Linux port available
  • Emulation out-of-the-box
  • TV-out – for gaming and media on the move
  • Value packed – all accessories included


  • Square-edges means discomfort whilst gaming
  • Varying results from built-in emulators
  • Appalling 'first party' support
  • Quirky firmware

A flawed gem, the A320 offers a tantalising glimpse into the moment that Chinese consoles began to grow up.

Whilst the Dingoo keeps one paw dipped in China's murky past of copyright melting rip-offs, it packs an intriguing level of features into a reasonably priced pocket-sized console.

The Dingoo is not for casual gamers though – mainstream consoles never launch with the quirks that blight the A320.

In a routine session with the console it is common to see a user lurch from love to undying hatred and back in a single breath.

That said, the Dingoo impresses on many levels and the comments of enthusiast developers point to a very exciting future, thousands of miles away from its homeland.