Super Smash Bros Ultimate full character roster may have been leaked


Update: Well, now we know the rest of the roster, with all except Street Fighter's Ken from this leak yet to be seen. But could we seen them down the line? Read about the full roster announcement in our news piece on Super Smash Bros Ultimate's remaining fighters

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate, the incoming entry from Nintendo's beloved party brawler, has already garnered a huge amount of excitement for its inclusion of every single fighter ever to appear in a Smash Bros game. But it may have had its last few unannounced characters leaked - and in a Snapchat story, no less.

The slightly blurred image, seemingly taken in the marketing department of one of Nintendo's European distributors, was taken down from Snapchat but soon shared across forum sites like Discord and 4Chan. 

Super Smash Bros ultimate leak

A leak, or a convincing mock-up?

It shows a banner of all the Super Smash Bros Ultimate fighters, including unconfirmed characters such as Shadow the Hedgehog and Street Fighter's Ken - as well as Rare's beloved Banjo-Kazooie, and even Geno (Geno!) from the little-known Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. 

Isaac from Golden Sun, Mach Rider from Mach Rider, KOS-MOS from Xenoblade, and the Chorus Kids from Rhythm Heaven also appear to be included.

The whole gang's here

Nintendo has been gradually revealing additional fighters who are appearing for the first time, with plenty of fan-pleasing surprises like the space pirate Ridley (from Metroid) and Donkey Kong Country's King K. Rule.

Shadow the Hedgehog is an unsurprising addition as an Echo Fighter - a reskinned character with the same moveset as an existing fighter - for Sonic the Hedgehog. And Geno and Banjo-Kazooie have both been clamored for by fans for years, to the extent their inclusion seems almost too good to be true.

We're somewhat convinced by the marketing materials, especially as the leak has been traced to Marina PLV, a company that handles promotional material for various companies, but with no official word from Nintendo we could always be surprised.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is releasing worldwide on the Nintendo Switch on December 7.