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Range Rover's Evoque debuts new ClearSight tech

Range Rover is hoping to build on the success of its Evoque with a new model that features some clever tech.

When the original was launched back in 2011 it heralded a new era for the brand, with the baby SUV taking on a slicker design ethos than we'd seen previously. This proved a hit with more fashion-conscious drivers, while the Evoque still had the chops to take on the rough stuff, with impressive off-road credentials.

The new, second-generation model may share a similar silhouette to the outgoing model, but the design has been freshened up considerably, looking much cleaner in design and more closely related to the sleek-looking Velar that Range Rover launched last year.

Based around Jaguar Land Rover's all-new Premium Transverse Architecture, the Evoque's petrol and diesel engines will be complemented by a mild hybrid 48V system. The system will cut the engine off below 11mph, rather than when the car comes to a stop, to help improve efficiency, while there's also a starter generator to assist with acceleration. A plug-in hybrid version launched will also be launched within the next 12 months.

ClearSight tech

In the cabin, meanwhile, the Evoque features some clever new tech, including ClearSight technology, which has a couple of neat applications. This sees the rear-view mirror turn into an HD monitor, which means that should your rear view be obscured by a full boot, you can simply flick a switch and the mirror will switch to displaying a live feed from the Evoque's rear-facing HD camera.

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The ClearSight technology also makes the bonnet transparent – not literally, but it takes feeds from the cameras mounted on the wing mirrors and front grille, and merges these into a single display to give you the impression you're looking 'through' the bonnet.

This is more than just a gimmick – it's designed to help you traverse tricky terrain without dinging your pride and joy, although while it's probably intended for more adventurous off-roading, it's more likely it'll be called into action on the school run. 

The Evoque also benefits from Jaguar Land Rover's lustrous Touch Screen Duo interface – something we've already seen on the Velar and Jaguar's I-Pace. With two large screens and dual 'floating' dials to control it, it's allowed the designers of the Evoque's interior to keep exterior controls to a minimum.

The new Range Rover Evoque will see prices start at £31,660, with pricing and availability for other territories still to be confirmed, although you'll have to spend more to get all the clever tech that's on offer.