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Sony Pocket Reader gets James Patterson edition

Sony's Pocket Reader
Sony's Pocket Reader

Sony has unleashed a more man-friendly special edition of its Pocket Reader for Christmas, with a James Patterson version announced.

When we covered the Mills & Boon edition Reader from Sony, we jokingly asked when a version with Bravo Two Zero and Ross Kemp's autobiography and a camouflage cover was arriving, and we weren't too far wide of the mark.

The Patterson edition comes with a 'stylish' midnight blue finish and includes a case embossed with the Alex Cross logo.

Cross Country

"The James Patterson Reader Pocket Edition features the number one best-selling Alex Cross novel, Cross Country, as well as selected excerpts from two James Patterson books and a letter from the author," says Sony.

"In addition, every customer who purchases the bundle will be able to download Worst Case, a new James Patterson novel, exclusively from from Christmas Day."

We've learned our lesson and won't be asking for when the Sex Pocket Reader edition (with The Joy of Sex and the Karma Sutra bundled) will be arriving, complete with premium 'flesh' coloured cover and erotic engraving.