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Jessops introduces printing from smartphones

Jessops is now offering photo printing directly from smartphones

Jessops has introduced a new printing facility, allowing users to print images directly from smartphones.

Customers with iPhones, Blackberry or Android smartphones can connect devices directly into printing kiosks, which will then upload all of your photos for you to choose from.

Other personalised printing options, including photo gifts such as mouse mats, mugs or a notepad are also available. Photo books can also be created from images taken on a smartphone.

Smartphone domination

As the specs on phones become increasingly better, photography on smartphones is on the increase, with Flickr's most commonly used "camera" being the iPhone 4. In fact, Apple dominates the most popular cameraphones chart on Flickr too, with the 4, 4S, 3G and 3GS in the top 4 spots, joined only by the HTC Evo 4G in 5th place. Tens of thousands of cameraphone images are posted to Flickr every day.

An Android app was introduced by Jessops last year, which allowed users to browse phone photos and choose their favourites to print and have them delivered by post. An iPhone app was also introduced earlier in the year which enabled customers to print an iPhone shaped photo album made up of 12 photos.

Jessops is the UK's leading photographic retailer and has over 200 stores around the country, and also offers a wide range of other printing services.