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Vodafone class action has more than 10,000 signatures

Vodafone class action
More than 10,000 on the books
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The LCM Litigation Fund has today indicated that more than 10,000 disgruntled Vodafone customers have signed up to the class action lawsuit against the telco following the infamous "Vodafail" period of 2010.

Managing Director of LCM, Patrick Coope, told ComputerWorld that he wasn't unhappy with the numbers: "It's in the tens [of thousands] … not in the hundreds," he said.

While LCM took control of the lawsuit after law firm Piper Alerman failed to secure funding for the lawsuit, the original announcement of the class action case claimed that 23,000 people had shown interest in taking Vodafone to court for its poor network performance back in 2010 and 2011.

While exact numbers are yet to be disclosed, Coope admitted that there were enough people involved to make the company confident they would win when it goes to court.

ACCAN warns of a 'Lawyer's Picnic'

While the idea of reparations for woeful coverage will entice many ex-Vodafone customers, ACCAN CEO Teresa Corbin warns that joining the lawsuit offers no guarantees of a return.

"This class action will take a long time to play out and consumers are not guaranteed any compensation. Our fear is that the action could turn into a lawyer's picnic; consumers are likely to be better served by Vodafone investing the money into its network as opposed to fighting this class action," Ms Corbin said.

Vodafone has spent a lot of money investing in its infrastructure since 2010/11, including the impending roll out of its 4G network. Despite this, they are still losing customers, with over 100,000 dropping off the books in the quarter ending March 31.

Via: ComputerWorld

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