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Sony reveals plans for Sony Ericsson logo

Sony reveals plans for Sony Ericsson logo
Get used to it

Sony has told TechRadar why the 'liquid logo' from the Sony Ericsson days is still hanging around.

Phones being launched under the Sony brand, such as the Xperia S and Xperia U, have been shorn of the SE name but not the logo.

TechRadar spoke to a Sony exec to find out why the two logos still had a presence on the phone, and were told that it was simply to make sure consumers associated the two brands for the time being.

The time has come

However, the eponymous liquid logo will be dropped in the future, once the remaining Sony Ericsson phones have dropped out of circulation.

The last remaining phones from the joint venture, such as the Xperia Active, were released in October last year, so it could be up to 18 months before we start seeing Sony phones shorn of the logo.

Phones such as the Xperia J have been spotted in prototype stages without the bulbous icon, but that will now presumably be making an appearance in the final round of manufacturing.

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