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Samsung readies Omnia Pro with QWERTY keyboard?

A mock-up of the Omnia Pro
A mock-up of the Omnia Pro

Samsung looks like it's readying another device for the Omnia family after news of a new handset, the Omnia Pro, has leaked out.

Set to hit the market in July, the Omnia Pro will be sticking to the roots of its Omnia brethren, as it will be packing Windows Mobile 6.1, with an upgrade to 6.5 when that comes later in the year.

The phone will apparently have a slide out QWERTY keyboard (which is the upgrade we were REALLY looking for from the original) as well as a wide touch screen of around 3.5-inches, with an ultra high res WVGA (800 x 480) display.

Along with the keyboard, there's a 5MP camera with all the usual camera bits (ie flash, autofocus, anti-shake etc) as well as a video recording option, which is nice but of course, ultimately pointless for most people.

To Omnia or not to Omnia?

What is interesting about this news, assuming it's true, is that it corroborates the rumour that Samsung made the decision to scrap the Omnia name on the i8910 HD (formerly the Omnia HD) as it wanted to keep the name associated with the Windows Mobile platform, which the i8910 has eschewed.

However, the screen it uses will keep hold of the technology used in the second Omnia, as the ultra-clear AMOLED tech is set to return for some plush video viewing.

Or, this could just be a big hoax and the story that the first Omnia had such a high return rate that Samsung decided to drop the branding could be the real one after all. Who knows?

Anyway, if it is real then it'll be hitting our shores in a few months' time for around £400, so best start saving those pennies if you really, really want it.

From (translated) via Unwired View