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Nintendo's first mobile app will launch on March 31


Nintendo is ready to embrace the world of mobile with its first ever app for your smartphone – and it's launching this week.

Miitomo is set to debut in the US, UK and Australia on March 31, and according to Nintendo it'll arrive "in the afternoon" in each market.

You'll be able to download it from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for free, but be warned – there will be in-app purchases throughout.

Mario goes mobile

Other countries getting the game on day one include Ireland, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Italy, The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Malta, Greece, Sweden, Estonia, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, South Africa, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, Mexico and Brazil.

Players have been able to pre-register for the game for over a month now, and registration will remain open until the launch on Thursday.

If you pre-register you'll be notified when the game is ready to download, and you'll receive Platinum Points for the new My Nintendo reward program.