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Netflix for Windows Phone app launches in the UK and Ireland

Netflix for Windows Phone app launches in the UK
UK Windows Phone users can now download Netflix

The Windows Phone platform has been afforded a major boost in its bid to rival iOS and Android with the launch of the Netflix app for UK users.

An update to the North American app promises support for different languages and a more fluid browsing experience.

Version 2.0 also brings the app to Netflix's other territories, Latin America, The UK and Ireland, for the first time.

Netflix for Windows Phone does require the Mango version of the Microsoft operating system, but is a free download from the app Marketplace.

Playing catch-up

Microsoft has actively been courting (for that, read: paying) iOS developers to help the company bridge the epic app gap preventing Windows Phone from operating on a level playing field.

The organic arrival of a top app like Netflix, so central to the smartphone experience of many users, will certainly leave less on the table for Windows Phone fanciers to get hung up on.

Windows Phone has started to gain momentum following the launch of Nokia's impressive Lumia devices, but hardware aside, the importance of a well-stocked app store cannot be understated.

Via: Engadget