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Huawei confirms next T-Mobile Android phone

The Huawei Android mobile phone
The Huawei Android mobile phone

Huawei has made the bold move of confirming it will be the third company to bring an Android phone to the UK in summer this year.

A spokesperson said: "I can confirm that Huawei will be releasing the third Google phone on T-Mobile this year," which seems pretty conclusive.

The handset is apparently being dubbed the G3, although it's unlikely there will be any synergy in the naming stakes between the Huawei effort and HTC's G1 phone, given the companies are Asian rivals.

Cheap as touchscreen chips

The new handset, which we showed you from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February, will be a low cost affair, sticking in a 5MP camera (although unlikely with any decent flash), a 3.5mm headphone jack and the normal Wi-Fi and HSDPA connectivity.

It will also be coming exclusively on T-Mobile, which obviously bagged the original Android handset, the G1, and seems likely to be nabbing the next Vodafone-exclusive HTC Magic, re-badging it as the G2 or Sapphire, over in the US.

But this will be one of the first to feature only the one iPhone-esque buttons, which is interesting given T-Mobile's love of the QWERTY in its first Android effort.

TechRadar has contacted T-Mobile to find out whether it will confirm or deny Huawei's claims, so we'll let you know if any contradiction appears between the two companies.

Via Mobile Today