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HTC Desire finally available on O2

HTC Desire finally lands on O2
HTC Desire finally lands on O2

O2 has announced that it has put the HTC Smart and HTC Desire on sale for its customers - the last network to do so. (Compare the various

O2 HTC Desire deals


You can pick up both the phones on the network either online or in store, ranging from free to £99 depending on your contract.

O2 is the last network to release the HTC Desire onto its shelves, after it said it was putting the device through extensive testing, causing a delay from the initial announcement.

Last - and least?

However, Vodafone, Orange, 3, Virgin Media and T-Mobile have already beaten the bubbly network to the punch so far, so it will be interesting to see how many have waited for O2 to pick up the Desire.

The HTC Smart, which is exclusive to the network, is also on sale now, with a similar Sense UI interface but much cheaper contract, with all phones available free.

The Smart is coming in white too - if you're into colour variations and all that - so check out O2's site to see what's happening HTC-style.