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Officially-licensed Nintendo Switch accessories have leaked online

It’s a sign that we’re reaching the fever pitch of Nintendo Switch hype when leaked images of officially licensed third party accessories is enough to get us excited.

Internal documents detailing the accessories from third party manufacturer Hori were posted online by a Twitter user and shared on NeoGAF

There are two accessories which are particularly interesting; the first is a Legend of Zelda skin for the console. 

Promising hints

The existence of a Legend of Zelda skin isn’t surprising but the planned release date of March 2017 is since it suggests that Breath of the Wild could in fact be a launch title for the console despite previous reports which suggested otherwise. 

The second is an arcade-style gamepad which points towards plans for a fighting game.

There’s also a range of more generic accessories including protective cases, a car charger, a multi-charging dock, a traditional controller, and a game cartridge carry case.

Hori won’t be the only company releasing accessories for the console – at CES this year other third party accessory manufacturers including Snakebyte and Hyperkin unveiled their own ranges of cases, headphones, and adapters. 

It’s clear the dearth of Nintendo Switch news is getting to us all. Fortunately, we don’t have long to wait before we hear more from Nintendo itself as the official Switch press conference will livestream on January 12.