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HTC unveils the S740 for the one-thumbed

The HTC S740
The HTC S740

HTC has released the S740 handset to help keep the Asian mobile manufacturer firmly in the manufacturer mix.

Harking very strongly back to the design of the Touch Diamond (and obviously the Touch Diamond Pro), this is basically an elongated version of those with a 12-button keypad for one-touch typing.

Running the Windows Mobile 6.1 platform, this is a smartphone designed to fill the gap for those wanting both a million keys and something a little simpler than the Touch Pro.


Packing a 3.2MP camera, HSPDA with 7.2mbps support and 256MB of both internal memory and flash memory, this is a great phone for those who like handsets high-end, but not too high-end.

Dr. Florian Seiche, vice president of HTC Europe, said: "Demand for high-performance, smart, mobile devices continues to see strong growth globally and HTC is well positioned to meet the varying needs of our diverse customer base.

"The HTC S740 combines a powerful, premium phone with a full slide-out keypad in a compact and sleek form factor. Clearly, one size does not fit all and the S740 will play an important role in expanding our growing portfolio of devices."