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Casio jumps into 8MP camera phone game

Casio's FCC submission
Casio's FCC submission

Casio, well known for making brilliant watches in the '90s that could be used as a calculator (among other less nostalgic things) has decided to get involved in the next step in the megapixel camera phone wars.

8MP might soon become the norm for the high-end snapper ringers (as we're considering renaming camera phones) and Casio wants in with the W63ca.

Though whether this will ever be seen outside Japanese shores depends on the company's ambition.

FCC: wahey!

However, passing through the FCC is a good step, as it verifies its use in the US, so only time will tell if this clamshell turns up.

It also comes with FeliCa RFID technology developed by Sony, which allows contact-less payment of things and stuff in a similar way to the Oyster Card in London.

However, this time it's in a phone. Ker-azy.

Not much more out there on this one, but still, it's good to see the Japanese are keen to remain one step ahead of the rest of the world technology-wise.