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Apple must advertise Samsung didn't copy iPad, orders UK judge

Apple must advertise that Samsung didn't copy iPad
We'd imagine there may be a few smirks in the Samsung camp today

Reports of uncontrollable laughter from Samsung's UK HQ remain unconfirmed following a court ruling ordering Apple to publicly advertise that the Galaxy Tab did not copy the iPad.

Judge Colin Birss said today that Apple must place a notice on its own UK website for six months and advertise in UK online and print media explaining that Samsung did not infringe on its patents.

The order follows a July 9 ruling that absolved Samsung (at least in the UK) of Apple's allegations that it 'blatantly copied' the Apple iPad with its own range of Android-powered tablets.

The advertisements, which will cause red faces at Cupertino, must be worded so as to repair any damage done to Samsung's reputation as a result of the allegations, Birss said.

Throwing up a doozy.

Apple must now publish advertisements in the Daily Mail, Guardian Mobile magazine, Financial Times and, interestingly, our sister publication T3.

Apple has been granted permission to argue the July 9 verdict, while a Samsung motion to prevent Apple saying it copied the iPad was rejected by the judge, who said Apple was entitled to its opinion.

Most of the time these incessant global patent wars are about as exciting as watching paint dry, but occasionally they throw up a real doozy.

Last week the same judge said the Galaxy Tab wasn't "as cool as the iPad" so this order is a nice little kidney punch for the Samsung camp.

We can imagine those ads will be framed in its offices around the globe.

Via: Bloomberg