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Best large format displays of 2020

large format displays
(Image credit: Pixabay)

There are a few more frustrating scenarios than being huddled around a small monitor at a business meeting. If you’re giving a presentation, on the other hand, it can be disheartening to find that the stats you have worked hard on squeezing into your PowerPoint presentation have been downsized to such a degree that your colleagues can’t actually read them. 

The ideal scenario, then, would involve blowing up your efforts onto a large format display to show it off in all of its glory. Sure, most of the best large format displays aren't cheap, but they offer a premium experience that brings out the best of content thanks to dazzling panels, a wide range of connectivity options and useful integrated online services. 

We picked out the best large format displays for companies that won’t want to compromise, and for those that do, we’ve also thrown in a few budget or two.

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Best large format displays - at a glance

  1. Sony FWD-85Z9G 85-inch 8K Smart Commercial IPTV
  2. NEC MultiSync X981UHD-2 98-inch 4K
  3. Sharp 8MB70AUU 70-inch 8K Commercial Monitor
  4. LG 84WS70B 84-inch 4K UHD
  5. NEC MultiSync E905 SST E Series 90” LED
  6. Samsung QM85D 85” 4K Ultra HD LED
  7. iiyama ProLite LE8640UH-B1 86” LED 4K Ultra HD
  8. BenQ ST430K 43-inch 4K

Sony FWD-85Z9G

(Image credit: Sony)

1. Sony FWD-85Z9G 85-inch 8K Smart Commercial IPTV

Sony's mammoth large format display

85 inch screen
Rich colors
Optimal contrast
Inbuilt IPTV
Integrated Chromecast

Spanning 85 inches, this mammoth large format display is pretty while also costing a pretty penny. It justifies its premium price tag as it uses the latest 8K screen tech, which flaunts four times the number of pixels as 4K and 16 times that of a regular 1080p TV. 

This stunning display is optimized for professional display applications and uses Sony is X1 Altimus image processor combined with 8K X-Reality PRO to display high-contrast HDR images packed with detail, rich color and exceptional contrast. It runs Android 8.0, so you can display content from other devices using its inbuilt IPTV service or integrated Chromecast capabilities.

NEC MultiSync X981UHD-2

(Image credit: NEC)

2. NEC MultiSync X981UHD-2 98-inch 4K

Huge large format display for business use

Giant 98" display
Made for business
NEC compatible

Boasting a giant 98-inch display, this model opt for a more sensible 4K resolution, rather than 8K, which lends it a greater degree of compatibility with content that’s out in the wild. Designed for use in control rooms or large training rooms where ultra-high definition is required, it is also compatible with a range of NEC solutions. 

They include the company’s NEC MultiPresenter Stick, its wireless presentation solution for NEC Displays, and it also supports multiple simultaneous connections on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.

Sharp 8MB70AUU 70-inch 8K Commercial Monitor

(Image credit: Sharp)

3. Sharp 8MB70AUU 70-inch 8K Commercial Monitor

Large format display for streaming

HDR screen
Natural colors
Good for streaming

If you are looking for a large format display that doubles down on image quality, this sizeable screen sports high color gamut coverage which makes it ideal for streaming video services. 

The secret sauce here is its high dynamic range (or HDR), which expands the contrast ratio and color pallet to display a more realistic and natural image. With a maximum brightness of 400 nits, it’s not going to blow you away, but it’s more than adequate for showing content in anything but the brightest of rooms.

LG 84WS70B 84-inch 4K UHD

(Image credit: LG)

4. LG 84WS70B 84-inch 4K UHD

Large format display from LG

84" screen
Good sound

LG has been making top-tier displays for years, many of which have appeared on smartphones and, more recently, virtual reality headsets. This 84-inch 4K large format carries over that quality to deliver high-contrast, true-to-life images. 

The display totes high-color-gamut coverage, which combined with HDR is ideal for streaming a range of video services. The 84WS70B also packs impressive sound which can be fine-tuned for the environment, allowing you to choose from Standard, Music, Cinema, Sports and Games modes.

NEC MultiSync E905 SST E Series 90” LED

(Image credit: NEC)

5. NEC MultiSync E905 SST E Series 90” LED

Multitouch large format display

90" screen size
Optical positioning
Anti-reflective coating

There aren't many large format displays that have multitouch, which makes the NEC MultiSync E905 SST an interesting option. It's hardly a small screen at 90-inches across the diagonal, but it can be interacted with up to 6 simultaneous touch points thanks to NEC’s ShadowSense technology. 

An advanced optical position sensing technology, it uses high-performance sensors to provide high performance, stability, and accuracy. The display also sports an anti-reflective coating to reduce reflections to a minimum, which makes content displayed on it easier to read.

Samsung QM85D 85” 4K Ultra HD LED

(Image credit: Samsung )

6. Samsung QM85D 85” 4K Ultra HD LED

Samsung's large format display

85 inch screen
120Hz refresh rate
UHD upscaling
Picture-in-Picture mode

Samsung’s QM85D is a large format display that sports an impressive 120Hz refresh rate, which makes movements across the display - whether that’s dragging windows and other content or watching a video - appear much smoother while reducing stutter. 

This model also packs UHD upscaling, which is useful for displaying full HD content in 4K. Another handy feature is the QM85D’s ability to divide the entire screen into four quadrants using PIP (Picture-in-Picture) mode, allowing you to share content from up to four different devices.

iiyama ProLite LE8640UH-B1 86” LED 4K Ultra HD

(Image credit: iiyama)

7. iiyama ProLite LE8640UH-B1 86” LED 4K Ultra HD

iiyama large format display for marketing

86" 4K UHD screen
iiyama software compatible
OPS standard

This ProLite model is a large format display with a sharp 4K resolution. It features a slim design with hardly any noticeable bezel, which allows content on its IPS LED panel to shine when combined with its exceptional colors and image performance. 

Plus, it comes with iiyama’s iiSignage content creation and management software, which is a boon for businesses who want to get their messages across to clients. Its built-in expansion slot supports the Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) standard, which simplifies the installation of a plug-in PC for digital signage applications.

BenQ ST430K 43-inch 4K

(Image credit: BenQ)

8. BenQ ST430K 43-inch 4K

Budget large format display from BenQ

General business use

A far more affordable large format displayed than others on our list, this BenQ model is much smaller at 43 inches while still packing an ultra-sharp 4K display. 

A well-rounded package suitable for small business and corporate settings, it combines a number of features including 4K resolution for enhanced engagement, an eye-catching slim design, and BenQ’s X-Sign software that makes content creation and management a cinch. 

Our favorite feature, however, is this display’s integration with video conferencing software Zoom, which lets you instantly chat to teams and clients without requiring computing hardware.