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Intel Core i9-9900T spotted on auction as a low-power, octa-core CPU

Intel Core i9-9900T

Intel recently expanded its Coffee Lake Refresh processor lineup with integrated graphics-lacking F-series chips, and it seems to have plans for new low-power chips as well.

A mysterious Intel Core i9-9900T has appeared on Yahoo Auctions, and it seems to be a cut-down, 35W version of the original, 95W Intel Core i9-9900K. According to specifications shared on the listing, the Intel Core i9-9900T will still feature identical 8-core and 16-thread as the original CPU, but with severely cut down clock speeds. 

Whereas the original Intel Core i9-9900K started at a 3.6GHz base clock and maxed out at 5.0GHz on one to two cores, the 9900T will supposedly run between 1.7GHz and 3.8GHz.

Bringing Core i9 power to all-in-one PCs?

While it isn’t surprising that Intel would introduce low-power versions of its existing chips, we would be surprised if the chipmaker would roll out T-series version of its Core i9 part, and with these major downgrades in frequency as well.

T-series CPUs are often reserved for all-in-one and miniature PC systems. So, perhaps by limiting the 9900T by so much, Intel wants to say it has a Core i9 part in such a compact PC without running into the same overheating issues as the Core i9-powered MacBook Pro.

Of course, before the chipmaker can make any claims, these T-series processors have to be officially announced. We’ll be on the lookout for such an announcement or any new CPU developments, so stay tuned.

Via Hexus