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Xbox Live goes free for a week

Xbox Live goes free for a week - for noobs and shy retiring types
Xbox Live goes free for a week - for noobs and shy retiring types

Following a veritable slew of Xbox Live news over the last week, Microsoft is offering online gaming noobs and shy retiring 360 gamers alike a new reason to sign up for an Xbox Live Gold member's account – by making full access to Xbox Live free this coming weekend in the US and all next week in the UK.

Microsoft has announced it is hosting free Live weekends for Silver members to give them an opportunity to check out the raft of new XBL features, in addition – of course - to downloading as much free stuff as they can over the 48-hour period!

Shouty American teenagers

During the free Xbox Live weekends, you will have a chance to play against your mates (or unknown shouty American teens) in multiplayer gaming sessions, or just see how easy it is to use the new services such as Facebook, Twitter, Last.FM, Netflix and the like via your 360.

Here's the free Xbox Live schedule:

  • All Live regions except those in Europe: November 20 from 12:00om EST to November 23 at 12:00pm EST.
  • All European Live regions: November 25 from 17:00pm GMT to November 30 at 17:00pm GMT.

Via Major Nelson