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Reports of Xbox 'E74' video errors increasing

Xbox 360 video problems reportedly on the increase
Xbox 360 video problems reportedly on the increase

While Microsoft seems to be in the clear on the 'red ring of death' issue which struck initial batches of Xbox 360s, a video problem with the console seems to be on the increase.

"According to data collected by Joystiq as well as Google Trends, there's been a steady rise in reports and discussion of the so-called E74 error on Xbox 360 consoles since August of last year," reads a worrying report on Slashdot this week.

Related to video

"The E74 error is related to video problems caused by either a faulty AV connector or, more often, a loosened ANA/HANA scaling chip.

"This is not the first time the Xbox 360 has experienced technical issues; in recent years many people have complained about scratched discs and over-heating consoles — the 'red ring of death'."

TechRadar has contacted Microsoft for further comment on this issue. Stay tuned for updates.

Via Slashdot