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Official: gaming does not lead to rickets

Woohoo! No rickets for Mario lovers
Woohoo! No rickets for Mario lovers

It's official – prolonged gaming does not give you rickets, despite many a media report last week (including our own) which claimed this may well be the case.

The original story appeared in London's Metro newspaper, which went with the incendiary headline: 'Video gaming leads to surge in rickets'.

It turns out, however, Dr Tim Cheetham's claims were misconstrued in the article. How do we know this? Well, he's spoken out and put the rickets record, er, straight.

Lack of outdoor activity

Speaking to, Cheetham explained: "I understand [the] Metro has said that we have linked computers to rickets, whereas we are actually saying lack of outdoor activity in childhood is a risk for poor D nutritional state...

"We do not say that gaming causes rickets... The average age of a child with rickets is around 20 months old: too young to use a keyboard and mouse!"

So, there you have it. Now all we need to confirm is that self-loving does not make you blind and we will be happy TechRadar bunnies.