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Obama campaign ads hit videogames

Lara says, "a vote for Obama is a vote for change!"
Lara says, "a vote for Obama is a vote for change!"

Unless you have been living in a cave for the last year, you will realise that the US presidential election takes place on Tuesday, 4 November 2008.

In case you didn't know this, or to help remind you, you will soon notice Obama's campaign ads popping up in one of your favourite console games, with a major campaign planned across 18 titles including Burnout Paradise, Guitar Hero and Madden 09.

"These ads will help us expand the reach of so that more people can use this easy tool to find their early vote location and make sure their voice is heard," said Nick Shapiro, an Obama spokesman.

Targeting erratic drivers

Holly Rockwood, a spokeswoman for Electronic Arts added:

"In general, the Burnout audience is typically male, aged 18 to 34. I think the sweet spot age is 27 or 28. The attractive benefit any advertiser sees in advertising on a game like Burnout is reaching that demographic."

Whatever game you happen to be playing on 4 November, please remember to take time away from the TV to get out and vote.