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Nintendo 3DS torn to bits: key components detailed

The new Nintendo 3DS - shockingly torn to pieces
The new Nintendo 3DS - shockingly torn to pieces

There we go then. This is what a Nintendo 3DS looks like when you take it to bits.

Weeks before you are able to actually go to the shops or click on 'buy' on Amazon UK, the good people at iFixit in the US have obtained a Nintendo 3DS and then, without any apparent sense of shame, have just ripped it to bits to see what is inside.

Well, it is there job too - so we will let them off just this once.

Not that 'repairable'

iFixit gives the new Nintendo 3DS a paltry 5 out of 10 repairability score, because it is apparently very hard to take the top half of the new console off if you want to fiddle around with its innards.

We already know that the top screen produces the illusion of 3D by parallax and, as iFixit reminds us, the Nintendo 3DS UK release date is not actually till the 25 March.

However, the fact that it is out in Japan is fair game for those that like to grab new consumer tech and tear it to bits to detail every single important component on the internet.