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Nintendo scores big DS win in primary schools

Nintendo DS
Will these replace text books and pencils?

In the week that Nintendo announced it has sold over 100 million of its DS handhelds, it also received the good news that schools are to introduce it as part of the curriculum.

Ten primary schools in Osaka, Japan (the prefecture next door to Nintendo's Kyoto home, BTW), have agreed to use the DS and appropriate educational software to help kids get more out of lessons.

Language learners

From January, kids from ages six to eleven will knuckle down with stylus and touchscreen instead of pencil and paper to work their way through software that aids numeracy, language learning and listening comprehension.

Although some on the Osaka school board voiced concerns about bringing games machines into the classroom, the radical move was approved and other parts of the country are likely to follow suit if they can see obvious benefits.

Next, we can expect GCSEs in Mario Kart and the Legend of Zelda.