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EA may bring its classic Xbox 360 games to Xbox One for free

EA Access

EA Access might be the best place to snag Xbox One copies of Mass Effect 3, Battlefield 2 and other great EA-published Xbox 360 titles come November.

In a response to a fan on Twitter the company stated that it's "investigating adding backwards compatible EA games to EA Access in the future. Stay tuned."

Microsoft has already announced that the Xbox One will support some Xbox 360 games starting in the fall thanks to a software update, meaning EA's investigation might be as simple as getting Redmond HQ to OK the plans to give software away for free.

EA hasn't announced how many games it would theoretically add to the rapidly expanding EA Access Vault, but it could potentially include dozens of titles from big name series like Battlefield, Dragon Age, Dead Space and Rock Band.

EA Access currently offers two different plans: a month-to-month plan that costs $5/month (£4) or an annual plan that costs $30/year (£20).