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Future Xbox One update will finally allow gamers to do some shots

Xbox One users will finally be doing some shots with forthcoming screengrab feature
Xbox One users are hoping screenshot feature arrives promptly

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has revealed a forthcoming Xbox One update will finally introduce the long-requested ability to take in-game screengrabs.

Despite being able to capture video using the Game DVR feature, the chance for gamers to take, store and share still shots chronicling their finest moments has eluded buyers since Day One.

Now, in response to a fan question on Twitter, Spencer says the firm's engineers are working hard on integrating the feature, which will arrive as part of the firm's regular monthly updates.

"Yeah, this is the list for the monthly updates, team is making great progress on the updates. More features to come," he wrote, without offering a specific timeline.

'Xbox, grab that'

When Microsoft does roll out the feature, it'll be interesting to see whether it'll be available through voice commands, a la the 'Xbox record this' directive used to capture video.

The addition of screengrabs will allow the Xbox One to rival the Sony PS4, which has always allowed users the ability to take and share them.

Via SlashGear