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BBFC: Games for adults on the increase

GTA IV - headlines again
GTA IV - headlines again

The BBFC has confirmed what we all knew already – computer games are moving steadily into the domain of entertainment for adults, with an increasing number containing swearing, sexual content and violence.

The BBFC has stated that there are rising levels of adult themed games – such as the oft-mentioned Grand Theft Auto series – which is likely to spark a slew of emotive headlines from the mainstream media.

"On the whole sexual activity in games is nowhere near as common as violence, but it is becoming more common," said spokeswoman Sue Clark.

Questions, questions

The comment comes after a survey by YouGov, commissioned by the BBFC, found that 79 per cent of parents believed that video games may affect the behaviour of 'some' children – presumably not their own.

Independent regulator BBFC's survey also found that 77 per cent of parents believed that video games should be regulated by an independent regulator.

Even more (77 per cent) believed that video games ratings should reflect the concerns of UK Parents. We've contacted BBFC to find out what this actually means.

82 per cent of those polled believed it would help them if video games used the same ratings as films.

And guess who provides the film ratings.

Via PA