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Intel's refreshed Atom chip will revitalise Windows 8 tablets

Intel to announce faster Atom redesign
The chip Windows 8 tablets deserve

Intel is set to introduce its next-generation Atom processor, which will be the first redesign of the chip since it launched five years ago.

May 6 is the day Intel is expected to announce the refresh, which will be targeting a range of products from low powered tablets to smartphones and PCs.

The 22-nanometer Atom will follow Intel's mainstream Core processors with a speedy graphics chip and superior design.

We have important intel to share

It's big news for Windows 8 tablets which currently struggle a little under the current Atom when it comes to multitasking. And the good news is that it will allegedly won't be any less generous when it comes to battery.

The Silvermont micro-architecture of the new Atom will produce Merrifield processors for smartphones and Bay Trail processors for tablets.

We also know that Intel is looking at Android for powering low-cost notebooks in the future, with upcoming laptops from the likes of Asus expected to run Android on Intel chips.

Via Cnet