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Intel promises Puma 6 Atom-based smart home gateway to rest of the world

Up and Atom

Intel will bring its smart home gateway to the market very soon, according to Christian Morales, the company's vice President and General Manager EMEA revealed during a press conference at the CeBIT 2014 expo.

The company partnered with Taiwan-based ODM Hitron to deliver its first smart home gateway, one based on the Puma 6, an Atom based system-on-chip that runs at 1.2GHz.

The device ran four different home servers (Home Automation, Home Security, Entertainment and Energy Efficiency) at the same time in a running demo.

Cisco built

Comcast was the first service provider in the US to use Intel's smart home gateway solution back in June 2013, which was built by Cisco.

The Puma 6 SoC adheres to DOSCIS 3.0, allowing it to reach up to 1.32Gbps downstream speed by combining 24 DOCSIS channels and up to 320Mbps upload (using EuroDOCSIS). It also offers hardware-based virtualisation, MOCA compatibility as well as wired and dual-band wireless MIMO connectivity.

This level of versatility is one of the reasons why utility companies such as MVV Energy AG in Germany are evaluating the unit for decentralised energy management within the home.