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Nintendo Switch November 2019 sales: the best Aussie bargains

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Ever since the Nintendo Switch was launched, it has taken the world by storm, fast becoming one of the most popular consoles yet. So popular, that it sells out within minutes of being discounted, as we saw in the last year.

And then there's the Switch Lite – a completely handheld iteration of Nintendo's console. It's cheaper, lighter and very much in demand. So if you want one, you'll need to be quick.

There are loads of Nintendo Switch deals on the internet, and right here is where you'll find all the best bargains and everything you need to know about them. 

We're rounding up all the best Australian bundles and prices for the regular Nintendo Switch and the brand new Nintendo Switch Lite for this year's holiday season, right through to Boxing Day.

Best Nintendo Switch deals

Switch deals

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Nintendo Switch (2019) Neon + Mario Kart 8 | AU$374 (was AU$469.95; save AU$99.95)

The best Black Friday Switch prices may have come and gone, but thankfully the Gamesmen's eBay store has dropped the price of the revised 2019 model of the popular console to just AU$374 for Cyber Monday when you use the code PLATEAU at checkout – and even better, it includes a download code for Mario Kart 8, which is valued at AU$79.95.View Deal

Nintendo Switch (2019) Grey + Mario Kart 8 | AU$374 (was AU$469.95; save AU$99.95)

The updated 2019 edition Nintendo Switch, which boasts a faster chipset and vastly improved battery life in portable mode, can be yours from The Gamesmen's eBay store for only AU$374 (with Grey joy-cons) when you use the code PLATEAU at checkout. As an added bonus, you also get a download code for the absolutely fantastic racer, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.View Deal

Switch Lite deals

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The handheld-only Nintendo Switch Lite is costs just AU$329. That's the price with no games and we wouldn't expect much of a discount on Black Friday, in all honesty, as it'll still be far too new. Of course, a retailer like Amazon Australia may surprise us with some massive savings on Switch Lite consoles!

Some might be lucky and find a bundle with a free game, but we think getting one for half price is more realistic or maybe some accessories.

At AU$140 less than a full Switch, the handheld-only console could be a big hit. However, the fact it's a cheaper version of the console really ruins the chances of any official and permanent discount on the original model, as the two are quite different.

Nintendo Switch Lite | AU$279 (RRP AU$329.95 – save AU$50.95)

Bound to be one of the hottest sale items this Black Friday 2019, Amazon Australia is already selling the Nintendo Switch Lite for AU$279 – that's AU$50.95 cheaper than the current RRP. Available in Torquoise, Grey and Yellow colour options.View Deal

Switch game deals

[LIGHTNING DEAL] Astral Chain | AU$54 (usually AU$64)
From PlatninumGames, makers of the classic Bayonetta series comes, comes an entirely new approach to the third-person action genre that sees you control two tethered characters in tandem. While not a huge discount, this lightning deal from Amazon gets you the game for only AU$54. Better act soon, the deal will expire at 6pm (AEST). View Deal

Splatoon 2 | AU$52.70 (usually AU$62)
Nintendo's typically cheerful take on the competitive third-person shooter, it's less a shooter than a paint 'em up. Which is fine, of course. Great, even. Via Amazon.View Deal

New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe | AU$52.99 (usually AU$60.97)
One of the best Wii U games comes to Switch, and it's nice to have a Nintendo-crafted collection of traditional 2D Mario platforming. Also: Luigi. Via Amazon.View Deal

[EXPIRED] Mario Kart 8 Deluxe | AU$54.40 (usually AU$64)
One of the evergreens for the Nintendo Switch. A good way to charm and infuriate friends and foes alike, now for a little cheaper than normal via Amazon.

[EXPIRED] The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild | AU$58.65 (usually AU$69)
It's only one of the best games of the decade, according to every second person you ask. And it always bears mentioning that Nintendo doesn't often discount their first-party titles, so if you're keen, now's a good time.

[EXPIRED] Super Mario Maker 2 | AU$50.15 (usually AU$67)
A nice $16 saving on a Mario game that you could probably keep on playing forever, providing you have the patience for all that zany Kaizo levels. 

[EXPIRED / OUT OF STOCK] Super Smash Bros Ultimate | AU$57.80 (usually AU$68)
They're not all brothers, but they're all definitely in the business of smashing each other out of the battle arena. Anyway, this is a nice deal on this essential Nintendo Switch game, via Amazon.

SOLD OUT! Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night | AU$36.99 (RRP AU$79.95 – save AU$42.96)

From former Castlevania series producer Koji Igarashi comes Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, a game which many consider to be the spiritual successor to that franchise. If you love exploration-focused platformers, you may want to pick Bloodstained up from Amazon for only AU$36.99 (that's less than half the RRP).

Switch controller deals

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller | AU$66.49 (usually AU$79)
A decent discount on what's increasingly a must-have Switch peripheral, especially if you need a D-pad for all those indie platformers.
View Deal

Ok, let's do this. What prices do we expect, or really hope, to see Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals go for? Well, let's be optimistic and say we'll get something better than last year's best.

In Australia we'd expect to see that AU$389 price come back for the console on its own, as nobody has offered it that cheap since. We're also going to assume that the Nintendo Switch Lite could see its own hefty discount to around the AU$260 mark.

There will probably be lots of other deals with third-party games (titles not published by Nintendo itself) that could go a touch cheaper, or maybe include more games at once or a mix of third-party and Nintendo titles. NBA 2K20, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, Crash Team Racing and more are prime for discounts and bundles.

You're probably thinking these prices are a bit expensive for a console that's been out since March 2017? We completely agree, but keep in mind that we did get a new Switch hardware revision in July of this year, which provided significantly better battery life.  Nintendo also hates discounting its own hardware (just like its own games) so it's not exactly known for going out of its way to knock money off the base price or sell large amounts of stock on the cheap to its suppliers.

Don't forget the Nintendo Switch has sold really well since launch, too. It's a natural at retail, it's got the TV ads running all year keeping it in the public's mind for Christmas presents and the portable nature of the console makes it popular over the summer too for taking on holidays or keeping kids quiet in the back of the car. 

With demand as strong as it is, Nintendo and its retail partners know too well it's going to sell well regardless of whether the bundles really offer any massive discounts.

But we know there will be some treasure, hidden amongst all the bloated bundles and we'll be right there to highlight them for you.

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What about the 'newer' Nintendo Switch?

nintendo switch black friday

The box for the 'new' Nintendo Switch with a longer lasting battery (Image credit: Nintendo)

While we're not getting the much-rumored Nintendo Switch Pro anytime soon, but as we mentioned above Nintendo has recently released a slightly improved version of the Switch with a longer-lasting battery. This is the only change and it will eventually phase out the older version in stores. 

The old version's model number was HAC-001 and the box featured a lifestyle image with a hand grabbing the console. While the new model number is HAC-001(-01) and the box has an all-red background and no hand (see above). 

The new model is priced the same as the older one, so that's the one to go for if you have a choice depending which one is added to the bundles over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals events.

The best Nintendo Switch deals from last year

Nintendo Switch | AU$389 at Amazon Australia
This super low price actually appeared a few days after Black Friday for the cheapest ever Switch price in Australia. And we haven't seen it again since. We'd certainly take a comeback this year though.View Deal

Nintendo Switch | Mario Kart 8 | AU$389 at JB Hi-Fi
This was one of the best deals we saw that included a game too and Mario Kart 8: Deluxe is a fantastic game to get with the new console. Multiplayer at its finest.