Our Verdict

Samsung's Gear Fit 2 has made hefty changes to its wearable line both inside and out and the result is an Android-friendly device that does a whole lot for your money.


  • Refined look
  • Broader compatibility
  • Impressive value


  • No iOS support
  • Barometer issues
  • Lacks alarm function

Update: In the market for a new fitness tracker? As you'll soon read, the Samsung Gear Fit 2 is a fine choice for fitness newcomers and veterans alike. In fact, it's a good enough option that we've added it to our list of best fitness trackers.

The first Samsung Gear Fit was a fitness tracker through and through, but with a tinge of smartwatch mixed in. Since its release in 2014, many similar options have jumped into the fray, including the Microsoft Band 2 and Fitbit Blaze.

And, in being one of the first to hit the scene, it actually got a lot right. The Super AMOLED display was (and still is) gorgeous, and its balance of fitness and smart functions helped to set a standard for devices to come down the line.

But for all that it accomplished, we were left wanting something with a little more substance. After all, when you make the promise of smart features, in come some mighty expectations and sometimes, the unfair comparisons to products out of its league.

Samsung Gear Fit 2

After a two year break, we now have the Samsung Gear Fit 2. And while it might look like not whole lot has changed, Samsung has clearly learned from the last go-around. There are improvements at nearly every turn, and it all comes together as even better value in the process.

To rattle off a few examples, it works on any Android phone, so long as you have KitKat (4.4) or above. The previous version only tethered to Samsung-branded phones.

Next, it includes built-in GPS–a must for folks who want to leave their phones at home for a jog. The original Gear Fit offered little to no functionality when your phone wasn't nearby.

All-in-all, the latest fitness tracker from Samsung is a positive step above the Gear Fit, even if the streamlined design won't appeal to everyone.

For US$179, the Gear Fit 2 offers a lot, and for a similar price to many of its competitors. But is this the fitness band for you? To each their own, obviously, but this value-minded package raises the bar above many in its class for less.


Paramount to the Fit's design ID is the curved touchscreen. Don't worry, it didn't go anywhere. It's back with the Gear Fit 2, vibrant (and shiny) as ever, although slightly reshaped.

This rectangular display is now wider than before, offering more screen real estate for fitting in additional information. That means extra words in a notification, a more robust media player, and a full map of your run provided by the built-in GPS function, to name a few use cases that take advantage of it best.

Samsung Gear Fit 2

The Super AMOLED touch-sensitive display found here is a bit smaller than before (1.5-inches down from 1.84-inches), but it boosts the pixel density up to 322ppi, which trounces the original's 245ppi display.

The bezel surrounding the display has also seen a reworking to its benefit. It's been reduced, giving the Gear Fit 2 a more edge-to-edge look. Unfortunately, this move cuts out the shiny visual elements of the original Gear Fit, if that was your thing.


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