Sony Ericsson K800i Cyber-shot review

A mobile with some added magic

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Our Verdict

A great camera phone that's hard to find fault with


  • Sleek looks

    Great camera function


  • Poor connectivity

The first thing you'll notice about the Sony Ericsson K800i is how light it is. This is a real achievement when you consider that it includes a 3.2 megapixel Sony Cyber-shot camera, which takes excellent shots.

The K800i comes into its own when it comes to shooting in low light conditions. The images we took were as clear as you would expect from any full size digital camera, and weren't overexposed or grainy.

There was some red-eye, but almost every image-editing package worth its salt can sort that out these days. If you weren't happy with your photo there are facilities for adjusting the white balance and exposure so that you can get it just right.

In terms of layout the K800i, you hold it in the same way you would your digital camera. There's also a small lens cover on the back. Even with the keypad locked the camera starts up in next to no time so you shouldn't miss any of the action. The screen too is wonderfully crisp and is a good size as well.

What lets the phone down is its connectivity. It comes with built-in Bluetooth, but there's no USB cable supplied, so unless you have Bluetooth on your PC, getting the shots off is tricky.

This model also takes a memory card (MemoryStick Micro), which you'd think would make the whole process a lot simpler. However, no card is actually supplied as standard. If you want the best image quality from your mobile then the K800i is the way to go. Henry Tucker