Samsung wave

If you've ever met a Samsung phone, you'll know that one of its defining characteristics (especially at the higher end) is a tip-top camera: the Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition, the Samsung i8910HD, the Samsung Pixon 12 are all examples of how the Koreans know how to give a phone a decent eye.

And that trend is continued on the high end Samsung Wave, despite 'only' having a 5MP camera.

Samsung wave

The addition of an LED flash helps matters too, but overall the quality of the pictures is generally very good, with a decent level of detail along with a fast shutter speed.

There are a huge number of shooting modes on offer as well, such as panorama, continuous and 'vintage', as well as the option to adjust the scene being shot, automatically sorting settings to work against bright light, shooting sports or taking pics of fireworks. Which we clearly all do on a regular basis.

Samsung wave

PLAY UP: The Wave is great at capturing a large amount of detail from multiple sources

Samsung wave

WIDE VIEW: The Wave handles large landscapes with ease in a dedicated infinite focus view

Samsung wave

PIGEON WITH A MOHICAN: Quick snaps are easy with the fast shutter speed

Samsung wave

BEAUTIFUL VISTA: Capturing panoramic views is a gimmick, but it works well here with the accelerometer telling you where you need to go


Samsung wave

While the camera on the Samsung Wave is something to crow about, the addition of the HD video recorder is even more so.

It's a great addition to the line up, and works surprisingly well given the Wave's dinky dimensions.

There's the option for slow motion capture as well, meaning you can work on your golf swing etc (we've reviewed phones with slow motion on so many times, and we've yet to see anyone use the mode for anything but dancing like a rabid dog on heat and watching it back slowly).

Samsung wave

Exposure, colour, contrast and brightness can all be tinkered with, but ultimately it's just a rather good video recorder with some nice extra touches and decent sound recording too.


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As you can see the captured video shows off motion well - it might not look as slick as other HD recordings but it's certainly better quality than most.


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