Nokia C3-01 Touch and Type review

A low cost handset from Nokia that brings touch to S40 but ultimately disappoints

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There is both a music player and a radio on the Nokia C3-01 Touch and Type. The latter needs the rather luxurious white headset in order to work. It'll automatically tune its 25 presets to as many stations as it can find.

Nokia c3 01 touch and type

The radio isn't the prettiest, and there's a real annoyance. To get it to play through the loudspeaker you might think you just hit an on-screen button. But no. You have to hit Options, then Settings, and only then can you choose the loudspeaker. What a palaver!

Go to the trouble, though, and sound output is loud if not the highest quality. The next time you turn the radio on, it defaults back to playing through the headphones again.

The music player has no problem finding the loudspeaker. Quality is iffy but loud, and you've got an equaliser to play with that gives a little nuance to the sound quality.

Nokia c3 01 touch and type

Nokia c3 01 touch and type

When it comes to video playback, the Nokia C3-01 Touch and Type sticks to MP4 as a supported format. It played them well for us, and the full widescreen mode delivered a watchable image if, given the screen size, a small one.