LG Town review

QWERTY messager at a ridiculously low price

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The LG Town GT350's screen measures three inches across diagonal corners and it delivers 240 x 400 pixels, which is about right for a handset of this price.

The screen is resistive rather than capacitive, and the general rule of thumb is that resistive is the lesser of the two when it comes to pudgy-fingered accuracy. True to form, while prodding was responsive enough, sweeping was a bit more hit and miss.

We had problems when scrolling up and down to read text, for example, as the screen had a tendency to not register our input.

Out of the box, there's a cartoon-like approach to the user interface that we've seen on other LG phones. It's most noticeable in the main menu.

LG town gt350

You can change the font from 'Fun Style' to 'Default' and choose different looks for the main menu too, so you can change this to a significant degree.

LG town gt350

You've got three Home screens to play with, and they're familiar fare. On the main one, you can slap a few widgets drawn from a bank that runs along the bottom of the screen.

The range isn't vast, but there's probably enough here to keep younger users happy, and you get things like the weather, time, calendar, Facebook client, gallery, music player, FM radio, and a Google search box.

LG town gt350

One of the other Home screens is dedicated to your favourite contacts, and again you just pull them up from a bar along the bottom of the screen onto the screen itself. You've room for nine – you just need to assign each icon to a named person and you're off.

LG town gt350

The third screen is LG's LiveSquare screen, which you populate with bizarre little animated avatars representing your best mates.

LG town gt350

In addition, if you tap the status bar at the head of any of the main screens you get a status summary screen that shows you the time and date, connection type, your operator name, battery strength, memory remaining on the handset and microSD card, profile, Bluetooth status and music status.

Those last three are handy, because you can change profile and toggle Bluetooth with a tap, and pause/play music with a tap, too.

LG town gt350

This is nothing we've not seen before, for example on the likes of the LG Cookie Fresh, but it is all useful enough, as when as many of the Android brigade.