LG Town review

QWERTY messager at a ridiculously low price

The definitive LG Town review
The definitive LG Town review

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The LG Town GT350 comes equipped with a 950mAh battery. That's pretty small by modern standards, but the LG Town GT350 doesn't have to do things like maintain a 3G signal or run Wi-Fi or GPS.

It has a relatively small screen to manage, and the biggest challenges you'll give it are the odd bit of web browsing and some music playback and radio action.

LG town gt350

It's not surprising, then, that we found the battery lasted well. After a full day's moderate use – including some web browsing, texting, music playback and voice calls – the battery gauge was only down one of its three bars.

On that basis, we reckon the LG Town GT350 will be a two-dayer for most people, possibly even more. Though obviously what you actually get will depend on how hard you work the phone.


We've already noted the absence of Wi-Fi, 3G and GPS. Connectivity is limited to Bluetooth and GSM, GPRS and EDGE, so you aren't going to go all cloud-based data and web browsing.

LG town gt350


The range of apps on board includes some already noted. Rather brazenly, LG puts a Social Networking app in its main apps menu, but when you open this it only offers a single link to Facebook. Other social networking apps will need to be accessed online.

A YouTube client is present, and there's a calendar, task manager and date finder – it tells you the date a given number of days after today. We've seen this on a lot of LG handsets and never found a use for it.

There is a handy little memo maker – another excuse for using that keyboard – voice recorder, unit converter, calculator and stopwatch.

LG town gt350