LG Cookie Fresh review

Can a low cost touchscreen handset deliver the goods?

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For a handset with so few advanced features it is perhaps not surprising that the battery life is reasonable. LG has economised and provided just a 900mAh cell, but that seemed to be enough to keep our review sample going for three days of average use.

LG cookie fresh gs920

If you use the music player or FM radio a lot you may find you need to charge more frequently, though.


The range of organiser features is fairly standard for a handset in this price range.

LG cookie fresh gs920

There's a calendar to which you can add dates fairly easily, and a task manager that helps you keep a handle on those things that don't have a definite target date.

LG cookie fresh gs920

There's also LG's Date Finder, which we've seen on other handsets and like the idea of, but can never really find a use for. You can simply ask it what date is a specified number of days after any given date.

For example, what date is 58 days from today? Like we said, we are sure it has potential, but we've never found it.

LG cookie fresh gs920

You can set multiple alarms, and there's a voice recorder, little memo maker and a drawing panel too, onto which you can make handwritten notes. In addition there's a calculator, unit converter and stopwatch to help you keep your life under control.

LG cookie fresh gs920


Connecting to your PC is achieved via a USB cable, which comes in the box. LG's PC Suite software is on hand for synchronising calendar and contacts data. Connect the phone and PC and you can install it directly from the handset.

You can synchronise music via a PC link too, though it's just as easy to copy music to a microSD card manually because the handset has no trouble finding it.