The Toshiba AT200, like all other Android devices, comes with the excellent Google Maps app.

The built in GPS capability of the AT200 means you can easily locate yourself on the map, work out route directions and even receive turn by turn navigation, thanks to Google's free navigation software.

Toshiba AT200 review

Not that you'd use a tablet as an in-car sat nav, as it would take up most of the windscreen. Also remember the AT200 is Wi-Fi only, which hampers any route planning abilities when you're on the move.

When connected to Wi-Fi, the AT200 was able to pinpoint our location within a couple of seconds and kept the position locked without trouble.

ToshibaAT200 review

It was relatively quick to navigate round the maps with the dual-core processor rendering the images in good time.


Google Play (formerly the Android Market) is still the place to go for all your application needs when using the Toshiba AT200.

The trouble with Google Play is you have to sift through a lot of apps designed for smaller mobile devices, which means they appear stretched on the AT200's 10.1-inch display.

Toshiba AT200 review

Toshiba also offers its own, reduced-size markets – Toshiba Places, App Center, WildTangent and Toshiba ebooks – which offer an array of music, videos, apps, games and ebooks - although the choice is greatly reduced compared to Google Play.

Toshiba AT200 review

A few apps have been pre-loaded onto the AT200 including Calc, Show and Write which are basic spreadsheet, slideshow and word document editors; useful for anyone needing to do some work on the move.

ToshibaAT200 review

For anyone forgetful out there the Evernote app is also pre-installed on the Toshiba AT200, which allows you to make notes, record audio and capture images of things you need to remember.

ToshibaAT200 review

The PrinterShare app allows to you to remotely print from the AT200 to a Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or internet enabled printer at the press of a button.

ToshibaAT200 review

Spashtop HD Free is also included on the AT200, which lets you access files on your computer using your tablet.


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