YOYOTech XDNA Platinum review

£2,500 worth of raw computational power

YOYOTech xdna platinum

We've pitched this first X79-based machine up against the pinnacle of recent machines that have crossed our test bench, namely Palicomp's Pheonix Inferno Redline. That's a £4,000 machine running the previous Sandy Bridge CPU.

The raw computational performance benefits of the Sandy Bridge E chips versus the original Sandy Bridge chip is instantly obvious with the multithreaded Cinebench and X264 benchmarks.

This cheaper machine totally outstrips the CPU performance of the big beast. In gaming terms though the quad-GPU power of twin GTX 590s beats the SLI GTX 580s, but for around twice the price.

CPU rendering performance

YOYOTech xdna platinum

CPU encoding performance

YOYOTech xdna platinum

DirectX 11 tessellation performance

YOYOTech xdna platinum


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