AMD A8-3500M review

AMD's second Fusion processor ups the performance ante with more cores and better graphics

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Professional rendering, Cinebench R10
Time: faster is better
AMD A8-3500M 2m21s
AMD E-350 7m20s
Core i7 2820QM 47s

Video encoding, x264 HD
Frames per second: higher is better
AMD A8-3500M 8.3fps
AMD E-350 3.2fps
Core i7 2820QM 28.4fps

Gaming, Call of Duty 4
Frames per second: higher is better
AMD A8-3500M 46fps
AMD E-350 11fps
Core i7 2820QM 27fps

Gaming, World in Conflict
Frames per second: higher is better
AMD A8-3500M 18fps
AMD E-350 5fps
Core i7 2820QM 13fps

Memory bandwidth
GB/s: Higher is better
AMD A8-3500M 10.8GB/s
AMD E-350 2.1GB/s
Core i7 2820QM 14.9GB/s

Battery life during 720p video playback
AMD A8-3500M 6h5m

Power consumption
AMD A8-3500M Idle 15W, peak CPU 44W, peak gaming 61W



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