There I was halfway through building a home server PC for backup and media distribution on my network, using the Microsoft Home Server OS, when this diminutive (8 x 12.5 x 20cm) StorCenter iX2 comes along and effectively makes the whole darn thing redundant.

Thanks to its onboard uPnP media server, Iomega's StorCenter does pretty much everything I wanted my dedicated server PC to do, but in a cheaper, smaller, more user-friendly package. This iteration offers 2TB of storage in a two-disk RAID array, with Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and two USB 2.0 ports.

This expansion is important as you can't access or upgrade the drives yourself (although at present there seems little need for that). You can opt either to use the iX2 in a RAID-1 'mirror' configuration (which protects your precious data, although you lose half the overall capacity) or in 'JBOD' mode ('Just a Bunch Of Disks', which forgoes RAID's protection but gives you the full 2TB).