There's a wealth of portable photo storage solutions on the market, but the specifications (and price) of the Epson P-7000 place it near the top of the pile.

It features a clear and bright 4-inch LCD that offers VGA resolution, remarkably accurate colour and contrast and a generous 160GB of space. The similar P-6000 weighs in at £90 less, but only has half the capacity.

Lightning quick

The outstanding feature here is speed. In our tests, using SanDisk Extreme III cards, it took 1 minute 50 seconds to transfer 1GB of data from a CF card, and 2 minutes 15 seconds from an SDHC card.

It's capable of viewing JPEGs of up to 30Mp in size and most RAW formats are supported, with some even allowing for basic editing on the fly. Useful, but even with MP3 and MPEG support thrown in, it's hard to justify the P-7000's cost.