Optoma GameTime GT-7000 review

Making HD projection mobile and affordable

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Our Verdict

A good all-round projector with the added bonus of being portable


  • Carry case and speakers
  • Good colours


  • Some evidence of compression
  • Speakers

It's refreshing to find that Optoma has racked its brains and come up with a delightful little product that includes everything you need to create an HD cinema in a truly portable package.

The GT-7000 projector itself is a compact 720p DLP unit. It's a thoroughly competent pint-sized beamer, with decent black levels and lovely colours, even if there's some evidence of compression in our test scales.

The really clever bit comes with the single-piece portable speaker kit and rucksack carrying case, which comes as part of the package.

The speakers are hardly audiophile-friendly, but they produce acceptable sound and slip into the compact carry case along with the projector. Simply add a laptop and the job's a good 'un.



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