The best Xbox One controller deals in February 2018


Xbox One controller deals can be a tricky find, especially on the high street where retailers barely ever knock any money off. Thankfully, things are much more competitive online and that's where we come in.

Here’s the thing: console deals are awesome, but unless you buy a bundle that specifically packs in a second controller, your console will only come with one. Why do they only come with one? Well, honestly, it’s cheaper that way. 

But just because you’re getting shorted a controller doesn’t mean you should go without one - how then would you ever play a local multiplayer game? For that reason a second controller is a crucial pick-up. So let's see what Xbox One deals are out there.

Xbox One controllers in all colors of the rainbow! 

While black and white are the most popular choices for extra gamepads, they're not the only options. In fact, if you really want to add a splash of color to your console, there are plenty of neat controller color schemes to do just that. 

We've listed them below for your perusing convenience.